Whispers & Snippets

Melissa and Laura promised me something unique, and they didn't disappoint. I give you the very first British Flowers Book floral swing:

Thank you to father of the florists for helping out with the heavy lifting.

Thank you to father of the florists for helping out with the heavy lifting.

What do you love about using British flowers?

W&S: "We love how British flowers bring an amazing aroma to our arrangements; it's something you just don't get from flowers that have travelled from farther afield. There's also something very nostalgic about British flowers - they conjure up memories of when we were younger, crushing rose petals into perfume."

Where do you source your British flowers?

W&S: "From farms such as Plantpassion and The Real Flower Company, and we also get a selection from New Covent Garden Flower Market in London. 

What would you like to see change in the industry? How could growers/ suppliers make it easier for florists to buy British flowers? 

W&S: "We would like to see British Flowers used by more florists, and for there to be more of a focus on biodegradable sundries where possible. We think the industry could be better at sharing ideas, although there are definitely a lot of florists who are already very good at doing this.

The industry, like many, is also prone to being misrepresented online - this can be confusing for our customers and often means that by the time they approach us they've already gained an unrealistic expectation as to how much things cost. We try to be really transparent about our pricing so that our customers can clearly see what they're paying for when they work with us. It's important that as an industry we don't undervalue our product and offering."

Whispers & Snippets was established by sisters Melissa & Laura out of a desire to create beautiful bespoke floral designs.

Growing up in the Cotswolds, home grown country garden blooms are close to their hearts. 

In establishing Whispers & Snippets Melissa and Laura were determined to make floristry accessible to all and inspire others to see flowers differently and in a less traditional way. Being studio based florist’s means Melissa & Laura aren't restricted to one location and often travel all over the UK with their workshops & floral styling events.

Guest post: Emma Davies, staff photographer

If you are a florist who uses mostly British grown flowers and would like to be featured on The British Flowers Book blog, please apply here: British Flowers Book Shoot Application.