Cherfold Flowers

Caroline from Cherfold Flowers did a beautiful late summer styled shoot for the book - not only a floral chandelier but also a ground-level arrangement complete with dogs.


What do you love about using British Flowers?

CF: For me British Flowers hold that extra excitement – an arching branch, a curly stem – somehow each flower head has it’s own personality and that is definitely harder to find with imported varieties. They also feel ‘tougher’ and more robust from having travelled less distance in less time.  Surely the longer the flowers to take to reach their destination the longer it will take them to recover from the ordeal – it’s a bit like us with jetlag!

Where do you source your British Flowers?

CF: I grow my own flowers so I am lucky to have a good supply as soon as I walk out of my front door. This being said I only have half an acre in total in which to squeeze everything in, so I do have gaps inevitably.  Plantpassion is my next port of call after my own garden and I love the Anemones during Winter time from Flowers by Clowance.

What would you like to see change in the industry?

CF: For British Flowers to be even more readily available to buy for people as a real alternative to imported flowers. 

How could growers/suppliers make it easier for florists to buy British flowers?

CF: More delivery options, the whole ordering system to be as seamless and effortless as it can be on the online auctions.  For growers to pool their flowers so that if one grower cannot supply the florist, then they can work together to find one that can.  Great photos also help ie with Dahlias, some of the less familiar names can be tricky to remember!

Caroline's garden was a photographer's dream, with nooks, crannies and pedestals everywhere you turn:


I'll leave you with the star of the show:


Guest post: Emma Davies, staff photographer