The March Photo shoot

Each month last year we got a talented florist, and gave them a couple of buckets of flowers for them to make seasonal displays with. With little direction and even less warning of what flowers they were likely to be getting, the bouquets and arrangements reflected their style and ability to work with seasonal flowers.

In March it was the turn of North London Florist Emma de Sousa.

The middle of March last year was cold, the weather hadn't yet decided to warm, and yet the bright colours of the blue, pink and yellow flowers meant we immediately felt that this was Spring.

With shorter stems on the bulbs of the Hyacinths and Iris, Emma used petite displays to show off the range of textures. The Blousy double ducat daffodils, and the dark pink Hellebores were mixed with scented rosemary and hebe foliage in the bouquet.


And with a nod to post wedding celebrations, Emma and Vanessa Styled a going away suitcase theme.

To ensure all the seasonal treasures were used up, Emma fashioned a beautiful hair circlet with Eucalyptus and Hyacinth florets

The ingredients available to use in Mid March were. Golden Ducat Daffodils, Blue Hyacinths, Pink Tulips, Pink Hellebores, Muscari, Camellia in bud, Rosemary, Hebe, Euphorbia Wulfenii, Eucalyptus and Viburnum Tinus.