The April Photo shoot

April is the season of Tulips, Narsissus, Anemones and Spring in full flow (and Flower). This year even more so than usual as the weather warmed up really quickly and everything came at once. As the last of the Tulips fade round the country now, here's a look back to last year, and the Photo shoot that we did with Caroline Davy.

Each month last year we got a talented florist, and gave them a couple of buckets of flowers for them to make seasonal displays with. With little direction and even less warning of what flowers they were likely to be getting, the bouquets and arrangements reflected their style and ability to work with seasonal flowers.

Last April as the colours warmed up and the buds turned into leaves, we gave Caroline Davy a bucket of Flowers including 

Apricot Parrot Tulips, Ballerina and White Triumphator Tulips, Narcissus Cheerfulness, Anemone, Hellebore seedheads, Honesty, Amelanchier, Beech, Trailing Akebia, Physocarpus and Spirea.

The bowing heads of the Parrot Tulips were the focal points of the displays, and were balanced by the spring foliage that was just emerging.