Saracococca, Scent for a January Sunday

For the last few weeks, every time i've walked past the polytunnel i've had a whiff of scent, even when it's been freezing cold.

The reason is, that my shrubs of Sarcoccoca are in the shade of the hedge, and although the glossy green foliage isn't much to write home about, and the flowers are small and often hidden, the scent is amazing.

I wouldn't suggest using too much at a time in your winter displays, just one stem is plenty to give a lovely fragrance. but it is a great winter addition. 

Easy to condition, with a long vase list, and the fragrance lasting when cut for up to a week, this is a great winter addition. It can be used out of water for buttonholes, looking great with Narcissus or Alstroemerias.