Eucalyptus, Silvery foliage for winter movement

I've just finished delivering my Valentine bouquets. I've had that lovely amount of orders that means i've made money and been able to have a wide variety of ingredients, but not been on my feet for the 13 hour days that i know a lot of florists will have been putting in. The barn has been wonderfully scented with Narcissus, Rosemary, Sarcococca, and even some Daphne, but actually one of my favourite scents at this time of year is Eucalyptus.

I planted some Eucalyptus the first year, so i've been able to prune some every winter. But this year, my seed grown plants are now large enough, so i've great silvery foliage to foil the winter flowers

Whilst you're unlikely to get the seeded varieties from British Growers, other varieties are available throughout the winter from both Commercial and artisan sources. 

From November to February/March is when it will last the longest in the vase as the foliage is hardened off by that time of year. If pruned in late summer or autumn then the leaves tend to be soft and droop quickly.

As well as giving a pleasant scent when newly cut, it also adds movement to bouquets and vases.