January shoot behind the scenes

For most of our 2016 photo shoots, there was a lot of planning for what flowers our florists would like to use and what would fit in with our colour themes. Then a last minute change of plans when something wasn't available, or something amazing flowered on the field that we had to use.

My job was to cut and condition the flowers and present our florists with amazing seasonal flowers to use. Emma and Vanessa were in charge of taking them to our chosen venue, helping the florist to make and set up their displays and then making, styling and shooting our themes. 

They kept in touch with me by WhatsApp and sent me photos of what they were up to. Some of the behind the scenes shots, were just as good as the shoot scenes, so I thought Ii'd post some here, to show you what lengths they went too, to get the best shots of our British Flowers each month.

There wasn't a whole room in that beautiful wallpaper, but just enough to show off this display. Being January more light was actually needed than there was, so Vanessa was here working as Photographer's assistant 

They spent ages making a wonderful fishing line background pattern, but then needed to lift the display up to include it in the background

and then they decided they didn't like the effect with the lights anyway, so it was removed

here's the end effect