Viburnum tinus

If you want to use flowers in the winter, one of the best sources of both flower and foliage is the flowering shrub that is Viburnum tinus.

Viburnum can grow to be a big shrub if left unpruned. But it is often planted too close to paths or boundaries in a garden, and so is pruned to keep it under control. Because it flowers in the winter, from December until February or March, pruning it in the summer will take off the flowering buds. However pruning it in the winter (or live heading it for floral displays) will ensure that it has fresh growth and fresh flowers for the following year

The buds of Viburnums often start off pink, and open to soft pink flowers, which turn to white. It's easy to condition, and will even last out of water for most of a day for those all important bridal bouquets and buttonholes.

Here it is in a January bouquet paired with Tulips and narcissus.

And for those all important wedding touches