Narcissus Styling

Guest post, Vanessa Birley

Guest post, Vanessa Birley

For our first British flower up close focus, we have chosen the narcisuss as our January flower of the month. Symbolising new beginnings, an apt premier flower indeed.

More specifically, our focus is the heavenly scented paperwhite narcissus.  Its name originates from a Greek myth. As it is known, Narcissus was not only a hunter but he was also known for his beauty. When he came upon his own reflection in a pool of water he was unable to leave it. Hence, where we get the term narcissist – a person who is overly in love with themselves.

We could focus on the negatives of this little flower, but perhaps it would be more productive to bring our attention to the fact that it symbolises new beginnings as well. As one of the earliest bulb flowers to come to life in winter, I’d say that’s a pretty significant accomplishment.

Looking superb as a stand-alone flower: simply fill a jug or vase with a bunch of these to beautify any area, or incorporate with a multitude of spring flowers.

NB. Narcissus secrete a sap after being cut which is poisonous to other flowers. Cut the stems & leave for 24 hours before mixing with other flowers.

Emma & I chose to capture the paperwhite in a more dynamic & stirking way: by suspending upside down.

After painstakingly tying each stem with fishing wire onto a horizontal bar, Emma captured my handiwork with the following video.


Hope you enjoy it!