The British Flowers Is Now Available

The book arrived today (18th April). Our Crowdfunder supporters will receive their copies first, and i hope with the help of my village postmistress get them out to you in the next day or 2. The Pre-orders will aim to be sent by next Monday 23rd. With other orders sent out in number order. Please don't email us until the end of next week if you don't get your book immediately, we're working on it!

The British Flowers Book

 The British Flowers Book is a must for florists (or students of floristry) who wish to learn more about the stunning array of homegrown flowers that are available to use in their displays.

Let British flower influencer, artisan grower and horticultural expert Claire Brown, botanical stylist Vanessa Birley and award- winning photographer Emma Davies show you the flowers and foliage that can be purchased from UK growers, as well as when and how to buy them.

Containing vast amounts of information about how to get the most out of each bloom, and inspiration from the best of British flower florists in the form of photo shoots, this guide is designed to be used as a reference tool that can be referred to throughout the seasons. 

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